In the Exceleration21 Web Hosting Control Panel, you’ll find a variety of Advanced Instruments. They’re designed for cloud hosting users who’re proficient in managing their website hosting environment. Having said that, thanks to the convenient user interface of the Web Hosting Control Panel, they are really simple to make use of, even for beginners. At the same time, we’ve introduced a variety of thorough how–to tutorials that can help inexperienced users promptly learn how to utilize the software instruments!

Hotlink Protection

Protect yourself against bandwidth theft

Any time you generate authentic content and articles for your site, it is advisable to guard it from people who wish to use it without having your agreement. For this reason, we’ve created a specific defensive tool inside the Exceleration21 Web Hosting Control Panel. Exceleration21’s Hotlink Protection tool is designed to guard all of the pictures on your site from being employed in different publications without having your agreement.

The instrument is actually convenient–to–use, with no settings necessary whatsoever. All you need to perform is simply pick which domain name to guard and switch on the service.

Hotlink Protection

.htaccess generator

Automated generation of .htaccess files

At Exceleration21, you’ll have full access to the .htaccess file of your web site, therefore, you will make as much adjusts as you would like. Incorporating a few lines to the configuration file, you can route your website to an alternative website address, or setup security password protection for a particular directory, and so on.

When using the potent .htaccess Generator within the Web Hosting Control Panel, you will not need to possess any information about .htaccess files. Simply show the tool what you wish to accomplish as well as for which web site, and then click the Save button. Exceleration21’s smart system will create the .htaccess file suitable for you in seconds.

.htaccess Generator

IP blocking

Stop malicious IP addresses from accessing your site

Inside the Exceleration21 Web Hosting Control Panel we have incorporated an extremely valuable tool that enables you to restrict the ways to access your websites by barring numerous IP addresses. While using the IP blocking tool, it is easy to prevent an IP address as well as an entire array of IPs from using your website. To find out which IP addresses produce the ’undesirable’ site traffic to your web site, you can check out the Stats Manager.

Just about all IP addresses will be hindered instantaneously and no one will have the ability to see or access your site from them anymore.

IP Blocking

PHP configuration

Customize the PHP rules for one’s site

With all of the cloud hosting offers from Exceleration21, you can pick the PHP build for use on your web sites – coming from old PHP releases such as PHP 4 up to the newest stable builds. It can be done with just a click. All modifications are applied right away. For each PHP build, you can get the php.ini file for use on your site, so that you can wholly alter the way PHP works for you.

Our company offers a effective user interface, which enables you to immediately customize the most significant PHP options. Whenever you want, it’s also possible to return to the normal settings in order to restore a back up copy.

PHP Configuration

Cron Jobs

Set automated scheduled jobs

In the Exceleration21 Web Hosting Control Panel, we have created a hassle–free and easy–to–use user interface for creating fresh in addition to controlling established cron jobs – the Cronjob Manager. A cron job really is a timetabled task – typically a script, which is executed at pre–set intervals of time. It can be a basic script for checking out if the web site is on the Internet, an emailing script, a website efficiency report, etc.

You can easily set up and employ cron jobs with all of our cloud hosting plans. In the event you demand additional cron jobs, it’s possible to acquire extra as an upgrade.

Cron jobs

Password Protection

Good way to protect your data files

Password protection can be described as a method to protect your web site by using a username and password to make sure that only pre–specified account holders have access to it. For example, you’ll most likely need security password protection if you are in the process of building your web site and don’t want search engines or other individuals to view it prior to it being all set or whenever you want to create a private directory on your own site with authorized access.The Password Protection tool enclosed inside the Exceleration21 Web Hosting Control Panel will enable you to do this with a couple of mouse–clicks. You are the only one who knows the username and password necessary to sign in if you do not share them with somebody else.

The security password are going to be stored in an encrypted file format, so nobody should be able to find it or read it. Only you, as the webmaster will be permitted to alter it.

Password Protection

URL redirection

URL redirection with only several mouse–clicks

In the Exceleration21 Web Hosting Control Panel, you will be able to promptly direct your site to a new spot by using the URL Redirection instrument. It is actually intuitive – everything you need to do is designate where exactly your domain name should be directed to. No requirement for any type of .htaccess files, PHP redirections, DNS configurations, and the like to be set. Your web site can be redirected to the new location in an instant.

You can stop the site re–direction whenever you want. Everything you need to do is visit the URL Redirection instrument and then turn off the domain re–direction. After that your web site will rapidly start pointing to the primary location.

URL Redirection