A webmail app allows you to send out and receive emails via browser without the need to create an e-mail in a program like Outlook or Thunderbird. If you travel, for example, you are able to check your emails from an Internet café and you will not need to download, install or configure anything. Webmail applications are advanced enough to provide you with many options like having an address book or making folders that can later on come in your e mail app. As the webmail app works with the messages within the server, it is necessary that you use the IMAP protocol any time you set up an e-mail account on your computer. You can still use webmail if you select POP, but old e-mails won't be available due to the fact that they will have been downloaded on the PC. You can use webmail as long as there is any email created inside your hosting account and using an e-mail application prior to being able to use webmail isn't a requirement, so you can manage your digital communication solely through an Internet browser.

Webmail RoundCube in Cloud Hosting

When you have a cloud hosting with us, you will be able to use Roundcube, a high level webmail app. It is easy to access it either through the Hepsia web hosting Control Panel, used to control the account, or exclusively by entering a URL inside your Internet browser and then entering your email address and the password for it. You'll even be capable to open the application using your own URL http://webmail.your-domain.com if the emails are used by a business as well as an organization, for example. Roundcube comes equipped with pretty much all the features that you may require from an e-mail client and you can conveniently set up unique identities for a selected email address, set up and use an address book, set up folders or HTML signatures, pick the time zone according to where you are at the moment, and a lot more.