A sitemap is a specific file which features a list of all the pages on a certain Internet site. It allows both visitors and search engines to locate content much easier, so it can boost the success of any Internet site. If visitors are trying to find a specific webpage, the sitemap will help them to locate it and the upgraded user experience increases the probability for them to revisit this site eventually or to recommend it to other people. Search engines also search for a sitemap on every single site they crawl since this type of a file enables them to index the site content better and to monitor modifications on various web pages that will later be displayed in the search engine results, thus a sitemap can boost the ranking of a particular website. As the number of sites keeps increasing every day, using a sitemap is recommened if you would like your site to be more successful.

SiteMap Generator in Cloud Hosting

If you host your sites in a cloud hosting account from our firm, you'll have a very time and effort saving sitemap generator at your disposal. This tool can be accessed from the Hepsia Control Panel and it'll enable you to select any of your domains or subdomains, so the sitemap file will be generated in the website directory where you need it. The simple user interface will permit you to pick the total number of links that need to be indexed and how deep the indexing should go. As a more complex function, you can even pick the file extensions that should be included within the sitemap - you can use the standard ones that include all most widespread extensions a site uses for instance php, html, and so on, however if your Internet site features more diverse content, you will be able to enter or delete an extension before you generate the sitemap for a certain site.