What is PrestaShop?

If you would like to build an e–commerce portal, but you don’t have much experience in working with web sites, then PrestaShop is the perfect option for you. It is an e–commerce app designed to be simple and easy to use, but it is fully featured at the same time.

PrestaShop is available in a variety of languages and is used in 150+ countries. It powers over 130 000 web stores. It boasts a distinctive administrative console, also known as “back office”, which is the heart of your online shopping portal. From there, you can quickly add new products, manage existing ones, set bulk discounts, and more, with one single click of the mouse.

PrestaShop is a trademark of PrestaShop SA and is not connected with Exceleration21.

PrestaShop–Optimized Cloud Hosting Services

With Exceleration21’s PrestaShop cloud hosting solution, you can get your online shopping portal published online with a single click of the mouse. Just pick PrestaShop from the web app drop–down menu on the signup page and we will install your PrestaShop copy immediately after we set up your account. This will let you begin working on your online shop right after the account activation procedure has finished.

A Point & Click Web Hosting Control Panel

Exceleration21’s PrestaShop–optimized cloud hosting plans come bundled with a point & click Web Hosting Control Panel, which was designed in–house by ourselves. It’s available in over 10 different languages and features an easy–to–use interface offering a bouquet of tools, which will grant you full authority over your online shop’s content.

You will get a drag ’n’ drop File Manager where your PrestaShop files will be stored, a Databases Manager for your databases, and an all–encompassing E Mail Account Manager from where you can administer all your email messages. Furthermore, you will be given access to a comprehensive stats tool, which will present you with up–to–the–minute information about your traffic and resource usage.